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Why Care Friends?

Finding the right quality of care staff is a major challenge.

Employee referral programs are the proven best source of high-performing employees, but a hassle to administer and hard to keep top-of-mind with staff.

As a result they only deliver a fraction of their true potential.

Care Friends is an app developed by Neil Eastwood, author of Saving Social Care, that changes all that.

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Key benefits


Increased employee referrals compared to a manual referral scheme.


27% higher retention rates for employee referrals.


Increased employee participation via the use of micro rewards and gamification.


Easy to use recruiter platform for prompt referral management.

“Both the uptake of our employees using the Care Friends app and the number of referrals we have received through it have really pleased us. The simplicity of the app makes referring easy for our staff, and the quality of candidates has clearly been better than those coming from job boards.”

Narelle Milne, HR Manager ECH Inc. Australia

Care Friends Pricing

Reward your employees, instead of online job boards!
Care Friends is very affordable and pricing is based on your organisation’s headcount. Care Friends comes with the recruiter platform and app access for all your eligible employees. You control the scheme rules and we will support you along the way.

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